Federal Transport Minister Scheuer drives in fully automated e-Golf

Volkswagen draws a positive interim balance of the previous test drives with a fleet of five fully automated e-Golf cars in Hamburg. 

The results show that the cars are always safe even in dense city traffic. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and Hamburg's Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, Michael Westhagemann, were also able to see this for themselves when they took a test car ride.

Commenting on the results, the head of Volkswagen Group Innovation, Dr. Axel Heinrich, said: "We are very satisfied with the course of the test drives. So far, no critical situations have arisen. Under all circumstances, the vehicle has behaved in accordance with the rules to date. In particular, the communication between the car and the networked traffic lights of the designated test track using WLANp technology works excellently and ensures better traffic flow."

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