Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems Towards high-level automated driving

Editor: Dr. Meng Lu, Dynniq Nederland B.V., The Netherlands

This new edited book presents recent results of the ongoing efforts for development and deployment of cooperative systems for road transport. These systems use communication between vehicles, as well as between vehicles and infrastructure, other road users and network, for exchange of information, enabling various applications for safety, efficiency and comfort. Cooperative vehicles, also referred to as connected vehicles, are a prelude to, and pave the way towards road transport automation. Vehicle connectivity and information exchange will be an important asset for future highly-automated driving The book provides a comprehensive insight in the state of the art of cooperative ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), especially addresses the important role of ICT infrastructure (information and communication technologies), and presents the main achievements (both theory and practice) as well as the challenges in the domain, in Europe, the US and Asia/Pacific. The book consists of twenty-six chapters divided over seven parts. 

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