The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium annually organises  a two-day international conference called CAR 2 CAR Forum at different places in Europe. During the first day, strategical and political plenary sessions highlight e.g. road safety, C-ITS status, future challenges in Europe and beyond, give the floor to stakeholders other than automotive, inform about important R&D initiatives and projects and address key-issues to be worked on. The second day gives the floor to the Technical Organisation of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium. The Working Groups report about technical details, results and intermediate status of their work on selected work items. Furthermore, challenges are highlighted to be solved for reaching the overall goals on improving road safety and efficiency by fore-sighted driving based on information, perception and intentions supporting cooperation and automation. About two weeks after the CAR 2 CAR Forum all participants will be informed about the available downloads of the released presentations. 
In addition to the experts of the active C2C-CC participating in the annual CAR 2 CAR Forum, it is also offered to all interested experts that are not part of the Consortium. Being an external expert, you should understand that a participation fee is invoiced for this service. Your payment has to be received before allowing your individual registration to attend in the oncoming event.
For participating in the next CAR 2 CAR Forum you should fill-in the application form and send it to the Administrator. 

At a glance:

CAR 2 CAR Forum

  • Participation in CAR 2 CAR Forum (one person)
  • Option to exhibit during CAR 2 CAR Forum (fee)
  • Networking with the C2C-CC experts

880 EUR + VAT

Application Process

As an applicant you fill-in the application form for participating in the CAR 2 CAR Forum and send it to You will receive a confirmation and invoice for the participation fee. After the payment has been received, the service is activated, and the individual login enables you to access detailed information about the CAR 2 CAR Forum, online registration and later download of the released presentations.

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