ADAC tests C2X communication with pWLAN

With the new C2X ("car-to-car and infrastructure communication") technology, cars can warn of dangers reliably and according to the situation. Many accidents can thus be prevented in advance. This is the result of a system test conducted by the ADAC: Based on eight realistic danger situations, the club tested the functionality and possibilities of the new pWLAN technology on its driving safety campus in Penzing, with which the Volkswagen Golf 8 is the first car to be equipped as standard. Other manufacturers offer C2X via LTE mobile communication.

The result: the new technology provides reliable visual and acoustic warnings of danger. It has been nominated for the Euro NCAP Advanced Award 2020. ADAC experts rate the safety benefits of the tested system highly. "Warnings are issued in good time and reliably so that accidents can really be avoided," says technology president Karsten Schulze.