Due to the Corona crises the annual CAR 2 CAR Forum for the first time was organised virtually by a series of six web-conferences during the period from 3 to 12 November 2020. As usual also external experts being not a member of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium have been invited to register and to participate in this event. The participation in the virtual web-sessions has been offered free of costs. All sessions showed high interest and international participation from all regions of the world.

Road operators and vehicle manufacturers underlined that Day 1 cooperative V2X services are mature and proven by performed test initiatives. Delayed due to the Corona pandemic some C-Roads x-border tests on interoperability are still ongoing. The deployment and operation of cooperative vehicles and of C-ITS on European roads started in 2019 based on international standards and harmonised profiles. While C-ITS infrastructure deployment started on motorways, in-between C-ITS is increasingly tested and piloted by cities. Cooperative V2X services are designed to take care for all road users including VRUs like powered-two-wheelers, bicyclists and pedestrians and to support the requirements of cooperative automated driving. The consolidated C2C-CC roadmap ensures a seamless evolution of the deployment phases towards automated driving safeguarding investments and enabling impressive revolutions of todays´ road traffic, e.g. with regard to safety and efficiency benefits, automation as well as contributing to the Green Deal. The European C-ITS Security Credential Management System is in operation, further complemented and improved. The certification of the C-ITS protection profiles takes longer but progresses well. The current work status and future challenges of C-ITS have been discussed.

All participants of the CAR 2 CAR Forum 2020 have received their credentials for accessing the released documentation of all sessions as well as the documentation of the previous events.