Active Membership of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium


Companies and organisations that are active members of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium

  • actively support the mission and objectives of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium
  • nominate experts for committees and working groups
  • support and contribute to CAR 2 CAR weeks, demonstrators and events
  • pay a yearly financial contribution (decided by the General Assembly, reduced rates for SMEs)


Qualified to become an active CAR 2 CAR member are:

  • European companies or European divisions of international companies active in road vehicle production
  • subcontractors developing and producing safety and efficiency relevant systems based on ad-hoc communication
  • European research organisations doing research and development on road transport related ad-hoc communication systems, vehicle or infrastructure electronics, or on active road safety and driver assistance systems.

At a glance:

Active Membership

  • Representation and voting right in General Assembly
  • Active contribution to CAR 2 CAR WGs and Taskforces
  • Option to take over Chairmanships and Rapporteurs
  • Access to C2C-CC Pilot PKI
  • Access to collaboration area and tooling
  • Access to working documents
  • Access to released documents
  • Access to PPT illustration tool-kit
  • Participation in CAR 2 CAR Weeks
  • Participation in CAR 2 CAR Forum (several persons)

Yearly financial contribution depending on company/ organisation size

Application Process

Applicants outline their interest and expertise to become an active member by filling a questionnaire and sending it to After positive assessment of the application by the new member group, the new member gets invited to sign the Consortium Agreement.

Download questionnaire