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1st C2C -CC Security Workshop

The first open C2C-CC Security Workshop took place on the 16/11/2006 in Berlin. 50 participants enjoyed interesting presentations and vivid discussions both in the plenary and in private conversations. The workshop was jointly organized by the C2C-CC Security Working Group, and the SEVECOM Project.

The workshop laid the foundation for follow-up workshops both open to the public and private C2C-CC Meetings.

see “Welcome”

(H.-J. Vögel, C2C-CC WG SEC)

click here “Session No. 1 - Introduction”

(Session Chair: H.-J. Vögel, BMW)

“Session No. 2 - Requirements / International Perspectives”

(Session Chair: Amer Aijaz, Volkswagen)

“Session No. 3- Architecture Proposal”

(Session Chair: Matthias Gerlach, FhG FOKUS)

“Session No. 4- Architecture Proposal"

Please find the "Workshop Summary" here.