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Please download the latest programme of the CAR 2 CAR Forum and Demonstration as .pdf file here.

´╗┐ ----Wednesday, 22 October 2008----
  Bus transfer
09:30 Registration of the participants
10:15 WelcomeDr. Matthias Schollmaier
(Head of the test track Dudenhofen)
10:35 Welcome CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium Rudolf Mietzner
(General Manager, CAR 2 CAR CC)

source url The European Approach ? Plenary Session Matthias Schulze (Senior Manager, Daimler)
The European Approach
Juhani Jaaskelainen
(DG INFO-ICT for Transport)
ETSI standardisation for ITS
Soeren Hess
(Chair of ETSI TC ITS)
Technical consolidation and legal aspects in Europe:
Status and remaining challenges - A report from COMeSafety
Dr. Timo Kosch
(Co-ordinator COMeSafety, BMW Group)
Cooperative Systems for road safety: the SAFESPOT project
Dr. Luisa Andreone (CRF)
12:30 Lunch

CAR 2 CAR CC Progress Report - Plenary Session Ingrid Paulus (Advanced technology dev., Audi)
European Frequency Band for V2x Communications
Dieter Seeberger
(Liaison Officer ETSI, Daimler)
Demonstrator - use cases
Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker (Department for Telecommunications, University of applied science Saarland)
Demonstrator - HW platforms
Arno Hinsberger
(Department for Telecommunications, University of applied science Saarland)
15:00 Coffeebreak and Press Conference

Simulation, FOT & Testing - Plenary Session Gerard Segarra
(DEA Division, Renault)

Long and short term goals of the WG SIM
Jürgen Rataj
(Head of automotive, DLR)
Achieving Interoperability - the ETSI Approach Anthony Wiles
(Centre for Testing and Interoperability, ETSI)
German Test Field SIM-TD
Dr. Christian Weiß
(Project leader SIM-TD, Daimler)
PRE-DRIVE C2X ,,Car to X Communication for Europe"
Matthias Schulze
(Senior Manager, ITS & Services, Daimler)
17:30  Bus Transfers from Dudenhofen test track to the Evening Event in Rüsselsheim

18:00 Evening Event Oldtimer Hall in Rüsselsheim
18:30 Welcome to Evening Event
22:00 End of Evening Event
Shuttle service from the Evening Event in Rüsselsheim to the Coumbia and Golden Tulip hotel in Rüsselsheim

follow link ---Thursday, 23 October 2008----
  follow link Forum
In parallel: Demonstration
08:30 Shuttle service from Rüsselsheim to the test track in Dudenhofen

09:00 Registration of the active and basic members
Set-up of Demonstrator and Exhibition

1st Workshop of the Working Groups Cornelius Menig
(C2C WG Leader Application, Audi),
Dr. Andreas Lübke
(C2C WG Leader Mac/Phy, Volkswagen),
Dr. Achim Brakemeier
(C2C WG Leader Net, Daimler)
Demonstrator for registred members
Message Sets
- Cooperative Awareness
- Decentalised Environmental MS
Andreas Hiller
Bernd Bochow
Lan Lin
(Hitachi EU)
Code of Practice for ADAS
Thomas Winkle
Dr. Achim Brakemeier (Daimler)
Power Amplifier
Dr. Wilfried Lohmann
Dr. Andreas Lübke
11:10 Coffee Break


2nd Workshop of the Working Groups Dr. Markus Straßberger
(BMW Group)
Dr. Benjamin Weyl
(BMW Group)

Demonstrator for registred members
Congestion Control
Andras Kovacs (EFKON)
12:30 Final Discussion / Wrap up
(WG Leaders)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 General Assembly
(for the management of the active members only)
(for the management of the active members only)
Demonstrator for registred members 
16:00 Bus transfer to Rüsselsheim
Bus transfer to Airport Rüsselsheim