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Standardised C‐ITS services addressing all modes of transport are key to addressing increased road traffic congestion and to reduce road fatalities, for which the European Union has set challenging reduction targets.

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The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium has been working since 2002 for harmonised services and system requirements to ensure a compatible and interoperable framework for improving safety on European roads and beyond. Serial deployment of C-ITS in Europe has started on roads and vehicles and will be continued even though proposed Delegated Act on C-ITS will not enter into force.

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C2C-CC welcomes the EC efforts to save lives and moving ahead with setting up a clear, future-proof regulatory framework through the delegated regulation on C-ITS, which is critical for the continuation of ITS-G5 deployment. ITS-G5 is a short-range direct ad hoc wireless technology used for increasing road traffic safety and it is a complement to network-based cellular technology (e.g., 3G/4G/5G). We strongly believe that the hybrid approach taken by EC is a necessity for launching connected and...

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The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium has been working since 2002 for harmonised services and system requirements to ensure a European compatible and interoperable framework. The benefit of such a framework for road safety has been proven in multiple research projects, e.g. in simTD, where it was shown that an interoperable C-ITS based warning system can reduce intersection collisions by more than 50 %. The Consortium therefore fully supports the initiative of the European Commission to improve...

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In a press release, the CAR 2 CAR member Toyota has recently announced to begin deploying 5.9GHz Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) in Toyota and Lexus branded vehicles in the USA starting in 2021. At the same time, Toyota encourages all automakers to adopt DSRC in the USA. The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium very much appreciates this initiative as it makes use of a hardware platform for C-ITS in Europe and USA.

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Signing Ceremony of MoU between C2C-CC and the C-Roads Platform

Illustrations of C-ITS services


25 of January 2019

Cooperative ITS Corridor

29 of January 2018

Interview with Niels Peter Skov Andersen, General Manager of the C2C-CC, published by ACEAeu

15 of May 2017

Making of Dutch C-ITS Corridor

21 of October 2012

Cooperative ITS Mobility Demonstration: Testfeld Telematik CAR2CAR Briefing Video

07 of April 2016

International Project Movie: Cooperative ITS Corridor – The smart way to move

29 of December 2015

Vehicle2Vehicle Communication based on IEEE 802.11p

14 of April 2011

Approaching Motorcycle Warning

14 of April 2011

Emergency Vehicle Warning

14 of April 2011

Warning lights on

14 of April 2011

Warning of Roadworks