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Demo at WC 2012

Experiencing the mobility of the future

 Successful Demonstration of Cooperative Mobility at ITS World Congress

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enter During the last decade, international field operational tests have proven the functionality and benefits of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS): The exchange of real-time data among vehicles and between vehicles and roadside units attached to the traffic infrastructure contributes to traffic safety and sustainability. As all relevant stakeholders have invested heavily in research, testing and preparation of the deployment, cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems are nowadays ready to enter European roads – leading vehicle manufacturers currently prepare the deployment and market introduction for the next years. The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium and the Testfeld Telematik Consortium use this year’s ITS World Congress from 22nd to 26 October in Vienna, Austria, to visualise how cooperative systems support the driver and conduce to higher safety, efficiency and driving comfort under real life traffic conditions. Visitors are invited to experience the mobility of the future in the joint driving demonstration on Cooperative Mobility.


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Visualising driver benefits

The driving demonstration visualises in several use cases how drivers will benefit from cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in near future: Cooperative systems enable vehicles of C2X communication, meaning that vehicles exchange data for example about their position, their speed and their driving direction with other vehicles or with road side units provided to traffic infrastructure. The latter gives input to the in car system for example about signal phases and timing. Depending on the incoming data, the in car system detects potential dangerous situations for the individual vehicle, for instance, if a collision impends because of an approaching vehicle invisible in blind angle or on an intersection with obstructed views, if road work or the end of a traffic jam obstructs the route, or if the driver risks a red light violation. In these situations, the cooperative system informs and warns the driver of the impending risks and support him in deciding how to react. The appointed technology and reference system has been established in DRIVE C2X, a European project which aims at initiating a framework for deployment of Cooperative Systems and its Europe-wide evaluation in large-scale field operational tests. The driving demonstration will also encompass use cases of enhanced sustainability due to C-ITS, for example by giving an optimum speed advisory for passing traffic lights in green phase what reduces emission and support a consistent traffic flow.

Demo tours through public road network

After registration, beforehand via online congress navigator or on site, interested visitors can accompany the demo tours as passengers. The registration desk is located in Hall A in the so called demo lounge. In this area all driving demonstrations, taking place in the framework of the ITS World Congress, are presented on different topic islands in a common booth. The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium and the Testfeld Telematik Consortium operate the Island on Cooperative Mobility and illustrate important cornerstones in the field of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems. Next to the booth, the area to make a draft of the obligatory briefing for the demo tours is located. The demo tour leads through the public road network around Vienna and therefore uses parts of the testfield in which the project Testfeld Telematic researches and screen telematics services and their potential to contribute to a safer and more sustainable mobility on European roads.

Experiencing first hand

The cooperation between both consortia – the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium as an industrial-driven, non-profit cooperation between European vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and research institutions, and the Testfeld Telematik Consortium as head of a project researching and testing telematics services – aims at commonly bringing the nowadays highly developed cooperative systems and their contributions to traffic safety and sustainability in the sight of the public. Their common driving demonstration is the first public event in which interested attendees of the ITS World Congress can experience Car2X technology firsthand. While other driving demonstrations like the one organized by the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium in Dudenhofen have focused on Car 2 Car communication, the demonstration in Vienna visualises also communication between vehicles and a great number of road side units provided to traffic infrastructure. Moreover the demo route will lead through public road network around the city of Vienna – so far driving demonstrations occurred on testfields.

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