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Use case: Approaching emergency vehicle

Emergency-Vehicle-to-Car Communication

When it comes to situations affecting the safety of lifes every minute and every second is crucial. Road users are obliged to make way for emergency vehicles (EVs) like ambulances or police cars and in practice are also willing to do so. However, hearing the siren does not always give information about the emergency vehicle‘s location and direction early and precise enough to allow a proper reaction. The Approaching Emergency Vehicle Warning – CAR2CAR system uses information provided in the Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM) of the EV to help the driver on how to clear the road for the emergency vehicle even when the siren and lightbar may not yet be audible or visible.

The Situation on the Demo track

While the vehicles are driving along the road an emergency vehicle (EV) approaches from behind. As the lightbar and siren are turned on, the driver/rider of the other vehicle will be advised to stop at the road side to let the EV pass by.