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Use case: Approaching motorcycle warning

Motorcycle–to-Car Communication

European In-depth motorcycle accident analyses highlights that human error, and more specifically not seeing the motorcycle coming or misinterpreting distance and speed is the primary cause of accidents involving motorcycles.

The Approaching Motorcycle Warning – CAR2CAR system aims to support both drivers and riders to compensate for these perception errors. Based on the broadcasted CAM (Cooperative Awareness Messages), the other vehicle is able to identify the motorcycle, and both vehicles can determine whether a critical situation can occur. enter

Description of the Hazardous Situation

here While the motorcycle is riding on the main road, a car is approaching the intersection from the right-hand side. Due to a view obstruction, the car driver is overlooking the approaching motorcycle. When driving onto the intersection, the car driver receives a warning of the approaching motorcycle. The rider also receives a warning on its HMI.